Single or Multi Solar

There are two ways to set up a solar system. The benefits are ease of maintenance and cost.

One way is to go all out to buy enough solar equipments to power everything in the house. Some of these systems are 10Kva and above.

Another way and one which we recommend is to go with a 3.5 to 5Kva system. This system will be affordable in a systematic way. One can start with a hybrid inverter, 2 units of 200ah batteries and solar panel. As time goes then once can add more panels and more batteries.

What the 3.5 to 5Kva system should power:
All internal lights
Living room or bedroom 1 or 1.5 inverter type AC

The following equipments should have their own individual system as appropriate:

Refrigerator or deep freezer
Exterior lights
Security gate
Borehole pump

At a bare minimum, your solar lights should be solar powered today. 4 units of our Road Light floodlight will cover a 50 X 100 feet property adequately. Of course more is better.

Let’s work with you to design a solar system that will be affordable for your family.


Mono Vs Poly Solar Panels

When the time comes for you to start investing in solar panels decision needs to be reached between mono and poly solar panels. Energy Motive has made a business decision to only carry mono solar panels in stock though we can special order poly panels.

Mono panels are more efficient than poly panels and they are ideally suited for the harsh environment that we have in Nigeria.

You are assured that we only select efficient, durable and long lasting products for our store.



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